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Public Sector

With the largest set of changes affecting public procurement due in October 2024, this event is a must-attend for anyone buying for or supplying to the public sector.

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What do the regulations mean for procurement activity and your own career within this dynamic sector? How can you maximise the opportunities and reduce the risks inherent in change? What does increased transparency – and a host of other promised benefits – mean for what, when and how you buy?

For public sector stakeholders – even if you are not in a direct procurement role, the changes will affect all organisations that influence or are directly responsible for spending public money. Public procurement’s place at the table is now clear as a vital contributor to service delivery and achieving wider corporate goals. Understanding how the new regulations impact procurement is key to realising broader ambitions.

Private Sector

This event provides vital insight into the new landscape and how buyers will be thinking and acting in future. The transition has already begun, with areas such as social value, sustainability and achieving best value high on the agenda. Attending will provide vital insight that powers you ahead of your competitors and sets you up for future growth.

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