Supply Chain Knowledge Transfer Zone

The Ministry of Defence manages over £20 billion of third-party procurement spend every year. The size and complexity of many projects requires the MOD to work closely with key industry partners to ensure delivery of the defence programme, with over half of the annual spend flowing through their Strategic Suppliers.

July 2023 saw the announcement that an additional £2.5 billion will be invested in Defence, on top of the increased investment already committed at the Autumn Statement.

The MOD has a target that 25% of spend should go to SMEs. They currently spend approximately £835 million per annum directly with SMEs, but the majority of opportunities lie within the supply chain.

Take advantage of the opportunities

The use of competition is encouraged wherever appropriate both within direct contract opportunities and throughout the supply chain. Opportunities, therefore, exist for suppliers of all sizes, from large established defence contractors through to innovative smaller businesses.

This Knowledge Transfer Zone will feature presentations from some of the main prime contractor partners, allowing you to hear direct about current and future projects, and how you can work with these organisations.