Insight Zones

Our 4 Insight Zones offer a series of speaking sessions, each focused on key areas within procurement and supply chain. Click below to find out more about each zone including confirmed topics and speakers.

How can buyers and suppliers measure and manage social value, build sustainability into their tenders, and leverage these areas to support priority national and local outcomes for the public benefit?

What does good market engagement look like for buyers and suppliers, how can they maximise opportunities presented by transparency and data, and adapt to the proposed new competitive flexible procedure?

What will the Procurement Act mean for buyers and suppliers, how can they manage the transition successfully, and what skills will buyers need to develop and maximise the new commercial freedoms they will gain from the Act?

How will the Procurement Act impact upon current frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems, and what is the best way for organisations to participate in these routes to market and can create an effective framework?

The Procurement Act will change how buyers think and act in future – with implications for the supply chain. New skills and a commercial mindset will be needed to maximise the opportunities presented by the Act